Daniel Blade

Daniel Blade is one of Malta’s most prolific artists. His tireless work as a Dj & Promoter has embedded his influence throughout every annex of the scene thus yielding a far-reaching impact on dance music culture as a whole. Establishing himself with his immersive DJ sets, Blade has also managed to help inspire a new generation of dance music enthusiasts through his successful parties; revealing him as an instrumental part of Malta’s reclaiming its strong identity within the scene once again. His devotion towards music is undisputed, Daniel Blade has become a household name in the local dance music scene that has beed littered with the ideas, designs and impulses of Daniel Blade. Blade also runs the acclaimed Yakuza Parties, recognized as one of Malta’s Biggest Nights. Yakuza & other festivals on the island has also been a platform leading Daniel to play with some of the best artists around the world. A multi-faceted artist that truly understands underground culture, Daniel Blade is not only carving out his own place in musical history, but helping those around him to create their own too. With each of his impressive projects going from strength to strength, his is a name that looks set only to grow in reputation and stature. The only question is just how far he can reach!