Paul & Sarti

Paolo Reale and Vincenzo Sarti have both an history in Music to share: different backgrounds, same love for the Art

Paolo has studied guitar since 10, Vincenzo has a 2° Level Degree in Piano and he is a Certified Ableton Trainer.

They melted their passion for classical music with a pure and genuine love for the electronic culture in a creative new project, Paul & Sarti.

This collaborative project takes life at Cave Music Lab, a studio born to become a new creative hub in Naples, their native city.

After a year playing together, the duo define, with their first EP “Tales”, a unique, melancholic style, impregnated by a vivid voyage of self exploration.

Between dream and reality, present and evocative past memories, everything is mixed in a hybrid and sophisticated live set, through analog synths, drum machines, and new digital instruments.

Their sound is made of cinematographic soundscapes mixed with rich harmonic textures and haunting atmospheres, their vision is deeply inspired by alchemic and magical world. As they stated “Climax is to move our musical essence in a ethereal dimension and divine world focusing on heaven and heart, chaos, microcosm, and the confused mass”.